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The History and Mission of the

yelostar.gif (227 bytes) for over seventy years the official state affiliate of the National Rifle Association
yelostar.gif (227 bytes) works closely with legislators and public officials to ensure the rights of gunowners and sportsmen are protected.
yelostar.gif (227 bytes) is the foremost authority on Oklahoma's Self Defense Act and works diligently to improve it for all Oklahomans.
yelostar.gif (227 bytes) serves as the guiding force in youth programs, such as: the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program, the Youth Hunter Education Challenge, and an information center on Hunter Education courses.
yelostar.gif (227 bytes) creates new shooting programs such as the ORA Challenge Matches which are geared to the average and beginning shooter; supports and publicizes innovative matches such as the Bolt Action Military Rifle matches and the Military Revolver matches.
yelostar.gif (227 bytes) publishes a bi-monthly magazine, the Sharpshooter, for shooters and sportsmen in Oklahoma.  Articles are geared to the interests of Oklahoma gunowners and hunters, i.e., Great Guns, the Oklahoma Sportsman, state-wide shooting schedules and events, pending legislation, concealed carry updates, and more!
yelostar.gif (227 bytes) provides information and guidance on: range construction to both civilians and law enforcement, state firearms laws, and other items of concern to Oklahoma gunowners.

If you support the Second Amendment at both the national and state levels you should be a member of ORA.  Being an NRA member but not an ORA member is like going hunting wearing only one boot!  To truly defend the Second Amendment, it takes both.    Send your application today!

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