Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair

Hot to Choose the Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair

If you are a pet owner, you surely know that your pets don’t have the idea of cleanliness in them. The truth is, there are no regulations or rules for hygiene for your furry friends. While you can always discipline your kids, it is a different story for pets. Good thing that you can now find the best robot vacuum for pet hair that can help you ensure the cleanliness of your home all the time.

So, how do you choose the best product for your cleaning needs? Here are several pointers you need to keep in mind:


The bigger is not always the better when it comes to robotic vacuums. It is always a great idea to have one that can clean all those mess around your home without disturbing you when you watch your favorite shows or talk to your friend over the phone.

Sucking Power

Of course, it will be a total waste of time and money if the vacuum you got doesn’t even suck enough debris and dirt from the target areas. The best robot vacuum for pet hair then is one that has an exceptional suction power and can perform well on various surfaces. The most ideal suction power for these units must be around 40 to 50 AWs.

Battery Life

The battery life is probably one of the most important aspects of your search. You wouldn’t want your vacuum to die right in the middle of operation. A half cleaned house is not a clean house after all. Make sure that you choose a unit that can work longer with no need for you to go through countless charging cycles. The ideal battery is one that runs long and takes lesser time for charging.

Dust Bin Capacity

It can be very annoying if you have to empty the vacuum bin again and again. Thus, the capacity of the dust bin is yet another important factor you have to consider when looking for the best robot vacuum for pet hair. A bin with a great storage bag will let you clean more spaces continuously with no need for you to stop and empty the bin over and over. A reasonable size is 12 to 14 oz, and something higher than that is already a steal.

Air Filtration

There are cheap robot vacuum cleaners now that will only do more mess and will not even give a good clean. This is usually because of their inefficient air filtration unit that doesn’t lock in all dust particles inside the built in dustbin. It will then result to dust spreading all over your house as the machine moves. The best robot vacuum for pet hair is one that comes with a solid air filtration system that can get rid of this problem. you might want to choose a model with an HEPA air filtration since this can filter up to 99.7 percent of particles.

The next time you go shopping for a robot vacuum, don’t forget these pointers to guide you with your purchase.

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