Choosing the Right electric toothbrush for a hunting trip


As electric toothbrushes continue to increasingly become popular, more and more people are finding them reliable and convenient for travel. However, as consumers continue to accept electric toothbrushes, manufacturing companies are venturing into the business of producing electric toothbrushes.

Best Travel Electric Toothbrush

As a result, consumers find it hard to choose the best travel electric toothbrush for hunting travel. Some factors to consider when choosing an electric toothbrush for hunting trip include, size, voltage facility, battery life and travel case.

Toothbrush Size

In most cases, electric toothbrushes are the size of the normal toothbrush with additional capabilities which support charging and a holding case. When choosing an electric toothbrush for travel, it is important to consider the size of your travel bag. The ideal electric toothbrush for hunting trip should be slim and small enough to fit in an overnight tote. However, there are those electric toothbrushes that are designed to fit a suitcase. One can still carry them for travel if they have enough space to accommodate them.

Voltage facility

Voltage facility is another important feature to consider when selecting an electric toothbrush for hunting travel. Sometimes, one may embark on a hunting trip outside the country where the voltage standard is different from the country of origin. When planning for a hunting trip, it is essential to purchase a rechargeable electric toothbrush that can work with the voltage facility in that country. Rechargeable electric toothbrushes are not ideal for those hunting trips in interior location where there is no electricity.

Travel case

Oral-B Travel CaseThe other important feature to consider when choosing a hunting trip toothbrush is the travel case. The travel case is meant to protect the electric toothbrush and all the other individual parts. Travel cases are made up of high composite materials which help to create the best environment for travel. As competition for the electric toothbrush market share continues to intensify, many companies are coming up with sophisticated travel pouches that looks good when carried for a hunting trip. Travel cases for a hunting trip should be flexible, light weight and have the ability to resist physical damage. Other aspects of a travel pouch such as the color should go with the customer preferences.

Battery life

When deciding on the electric toothbrush to carry for a hunting trip, it is very important to consider the gadget battery life. If the hunting trip does not exceed three weeks, it’s advisable to charge the battery at home and leave the charging system at home. For those hunting trips which takes more than three weeks and are in remote locations, you should consider electric toothbrushes that are non reseachargable and the battery can be easily replaced.

What makes electric toothbrush ideal for hunting trips

Electric toothbrushes are ideal for hunting trip because of the following features. To start with electric toothbrush has a brushing timer. The brushing timer help in ensuring that one brush for at least two full minutes. Dentists recommend two minutes as the ideal brushing time, and with electric toothbrush it becomes easy to hit the target. Some electric toothbrushes are automatically programmed to last for two minutes meaning that when brushing the user don’t have to think about time.

Apart from brushing timer, the electric toothbrushes also have pressure sensors. This implies that hard scrubbing to remove plaques is not necessary when using an electric toothbrush. Dentist suggests that, pushing too hard against once teeth can do more harm than good to ones dental framework. The pressure systems help the users of electric toothbrush to know when they are pressing too hard. Electric toothbrushes have different alarm systems which give the responses. Some electric toothbrush brands actually stop pulsing and just rotate when they sense that the user is applying too much pressure.

Finally electric toothbrushes have a soft-grip handles that make them more comfortable and easy to use. In addition, soft-grip handle also helps to reduce the effect of vibration and lessen the vibration which the user feels when brushing. Electric are available in many forms which includes rotating, sonic, pulsating, rotating, counter rotating among many other forms. The choice of the type of electric toothbrush to carry for travel depends with the user preference.


Electric toothbrushes are the ideal toothbrushes to carry when embarking for a hunting trip. If you are wondering on how care about teeth on hunting when in a hunting trip, consider including electric toothbrushes in your package.

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