Every inalienable American right can be traced back to the long rifle. Accuracy over speed.

All things turn in circles and the day will come soon when intimate knowledge of rifle parts and their working will be more valuable than any hoard of gold.

The same lessons from King’s Mountain apply today. Know your history. Know your rifle.

Take what works and use it shamelessly. It doesn’t matter that German gunsmiths in Pennsylvania designed and made what we lovingly refer to as Kentucky rifles.

There’s a direct line from muskets to long rifles to modern rifles with high-end tactical scopes.

The History of the Rifle

Rifles have been around since the 16th century but were very rare and were first produced in quantity in the early 1700s.

German gunsmiths in Pennsylvania created a hybrid that borrowed certain elements of English muskets with the German concept of rifled barrels.

The rifle was born out of necessity but not one of conquest over fellow man. Hunting was vitally important to early U.S. settlers, especially as they slowly crept westward.

Muskets were faster to load but rifles provided far superior range and accuracy.

In the early days, rifle accuracy was hard won.

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